Ymse Impro

Ymse Impro is an ever evolving impro consept run by Jonatan Uranes & John Arne RĂ¥nes. Ymse Impro records improvisations with guests and release them through their own internett radio and on music cassettes

The idea of Ymse Impro started one day at Mandagsklubben in Copenhagen, after hearing the most Ymse concert every made. After that concert it became the groups sole gole to achive that level of "ymse-ness".

Ymse Impro works with the axiom that all is allowed and all is good, the search for the most diverse diversity, where the core is improvisation. The recording session is simple and quick, each session we record 40 minutes of material. Everything we record is beeing used, leaving no leftover material. Its a place were we and our guests can try out both new and old ideas, where the participants are allowed to project whatever sound they feel like.