Uraño is a harsh noise nerdcore glitch-rock duo based in Copenhagen. The duo consists of Jonatan Uranes (NO) on electronic bass and computer, and Søren Høi (DK) on drums and electronics.

Since the band started in mid-2015, Uraño has become known in the underground scene of Copenhagen, especially because of the band's generally loud volume level as well as its special relationship with improvisation and composition, which blend together in a way so that the band never knowsfor sure what will happen.

The band focuses largely on expanding the soundscape and possibilities that a duo consisting of drums and bass can have. This is done by both players manipulating his own instrument as well as the other one's. In this way a natural and dynamic expansion of both instruments is created.

Jonatan Uranes: bass // computer
Søren Høi: drums // electronics


mail: uranoduo (at) gmail.com
or facebook